is a self-service platform for Ball State faculty to host a professional WordPress-based website dedicated to research and other professionally focused topics. With, users are able to enjoy the ease of creating and maintaining a WordPress website under the wings of Ball State’s accessible and secure web environment.

Every user with access to a website on is subject to the Marketing and Communications Guidelines, as well as all other applicable University website policies. These include, but are not limited to, maintaining proper brand standards, as well as compliance with website accessibility and the University privacy policy.



Professionally focused faculty websites

Labs and research studies

Curriculum vitae is not for hosting

  • the primary website for any academic college, department, program, office, center, institute, or other University affiliated entity
  • any site dedicated to an individual student or student organization; students are encouraged to use third-party services for these purposes
  • personal websites not focused on Ball State activities and research, including personal blogs
  • any University-affiliated blog or publication; for these purposes, please check out
  • custom HTML or other related content