I am broadly interested in the ecology of freshwater fish and fisheries, particularly in the Midwestern United States and Canada. I have also become increasingly interested in examining how science is done and in looking for ways to improve scientific methods and practices. My current research spans these two broad categories and focuses on applying recent advances in our understanding of fish growth and life history to better understand and manage our aquatic resources. Specifically, my dissertation focuses on (1) providing foundations for and standardizing the calculation of degree-days, a physiologically-relevant temperature metric, in fish science, and (2) estimating a wealth of life history information from fish growth data using biphasic growth models.

Wilson KL, AE Honsey, B Moe, PA Venturelli (2018) Growing the biphasic framework: techniques and recommendations for fitting emerging growth models. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 9:822-833

Honsey AE, GL Loppnow, TJ Martin, LA Schroeder, MM Tomamichel, NT Huempfner, PA Venturelli (2018) Reeling them in: initial insight into the factors affecting presentation attendance at American Fisheries Society meetings. Fisheries 43:98-105

Honsey AE, D Staples, PA Venturelli (2017) Accurate estimates of age-at-maturity from the growth trajectories of fishes and other ectotherms. Ecological Applications 27:182-192

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