I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology. As an undergrad, I completed an honors thesis working with Common Carp, an invasive species in Minnesota. I looked at whether they can detect Antimycin A, a poison that can potentially be used for control, in food pellets. At Ball State, I explored using novel sources of digital data in fisheries management. For my first chapter, I scraped text from online walleye angler fora from the US and Canada, and applied text analysis to measure and explain angler happiness. For my second chapter, I used data from FishBrain (an app that anglers use to log their catches) to describe the way that anglers connect lakes and may spread invasive species. I am also working on a project that I started as an undergrad, in which I model reef systems in the Bahamas and one in Florida to determine if CRISPR/cas9 gene drive technology is a viable mans of controlling invasive lionfish.