Former Graduate Students

Kierstin Riels, B.A., 2018
University of Florida
Ph.D. Candidate in Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience
Anna Allen, B.A., 2018
Vanderbilt University
M.Ed. Candidate in Child Studies, Empirical Research
Jessica Gundlach, M.A.  in Clinical Psychology, 2018
Professional Psychiatric Services
Research Coordinator
Shelby Smith, M.A. in Cognitive & Social Processes, 2018

University of New Hampshire
Ph.D. Candidate in Brain, Behavior, & Cognition

Richard Ward, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2017

Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience

Thomas Rohaly, B.A., 2017
James Madison University
M.A. Candidate in Experimental Psychology
Heather Daly, B.A., 2015, M.A., 2017

Ohio State University
Ph.D. Candidate in Cognitive Psychology

Rachel Hedinger, B.A., 2016
Florida State University
Ph.D. Candidate in Neuroscience
Brian Kraus, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2016
Northwestern University
Ph.D. Candidate in Brain, Behavior, & Cognition
​Keisha Novak, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2015
Purdue University
​Ph.D. Candidate in Clinical Psychology
Chris Thomas, M.A. in Cognitive & Social Processes, 2015
University of Texas at Tyler
Assistant Professor in the Department of Education
Kristina Hernandez, M.A. in Clinical Psychology, 2014
Oregon Health and Science University
Professional Lab Manager for the Developmental Brain Imaging Lab