Facility & Equipment

Solid state diode pumped ultrafast Ti:Sap Oscillator
Monochromator, CCD camera, single photon counter
Temperature controlled cell holder, Spin-coater, UV lamp
Langmuir-Blodgett Trough
Quartz Crystal Microbalance
Dynamic Light ScatteringTEM, AFM, DLS, Tensiometer
Fluorescence, UV-Vis, IR spectrometer
​LCMS, NMR, …..

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Major Thanks to… 

ACS Petroleum Research Fund
Indiana Academy of Science
National Science Foundation – MRI, Division of Chemistry (Award # 1531851)
Aspire Internal Grants, BSU
National Science Foundation – RUI, ECS, Division of Chemistry (Award # 1808468​)
BSU Chemistry and Environmental Sciences Program




Special Thanks to…

Jon Hatton (Electronic Instrument Tech)
Emily Malloy
 (Administrative Coordinator, Chemistry)
Cathy Alexander (Laboratory Manager, Chemistry)
Heather Carter (Laboratory Technician, Chemistry)
Teresa Case (Secretary, Chemistry)
John Decker (Machinist Technician, Physics and Astronomy)
Robert Guillaud (Electronic Instrument Technician, Chemistry)
Katharine Herbert (Administrative Coordinator, Chemistry)