• Madeline Shepley

    Madeline Shepley is a 2020 alumna of Indiana University-Bloomington and became a Ball State graduate student in Fall 2021. She joined the Variable Star Research Group during summer 2022. She currently also does planetarium education research at the Charles W. Brown Planetarium. In her undergrad, she has also researched star formation in dwarf galaxies. When […]

  • Evan Jennerjahn

    Evan is an undergraduate student from Penn State University. He is a former student of the Indiana Academy of Sciences, and is working with our research group.

  • Caleb Whitcomb

    My name is Caleb Whitcomb and I am a Graduate Student at Ball State University. I am currently pursuing a M.S. in Physics with a focus in Astronomy. My research currently consists of analysis of the Short-Term Variable Star Systems ASAS J061151-4519.7 and NSVS 1088506. I have been a member of the Research group since […]