• Caleb Whitcomb

    My name is Caleb Whitcomb and I am a Graduate Student at Ball State University. I am currently pursuing a M.S. in Physics with a focus in Astronomy. My research currently consists of analysis of the Short-Term Variable Star Systems ASAS J061151-4519.7 and NSVS 1088506. I have been a member of the Research group since […]

  • Lauren Wines

    Just trying to be as cool as my cats. Lauren (Belle) Wines is an undergraduate (Major: Chemistry, Minor: Astrophysics and Biology) student at Ball State University.

  • R. Wes Tobin

    Whitewater Hall 200A 765-973-8471 westobin@iue.edu Education Ed.D., Science (Physics, Astronomy & Chemistry), Ball State University, 2016 Certificate in College and University Teaching, Ball State University, 2015 M.S., Astrophysics, Iowa State University, 2008 B.S., Physics and Mathematics, Indiana State University, 2005 Current Research Interests Observational AstronomyPeculiar Velocity Structures in Galaxy ClustersHigh-Precision Variable Star Photometry Educational Research […]

  • Kyle Koeller

    I am a Physics Graduate Student here at Ball State University and am currently scheduled to graduate in May of 2023. I have worked in the Berrington Research group since January 2018 and have completed the star NSVS 896797 and NSVS 254037 and have papers ready for peer review before publication. I am also currently […]

  • Alec Neal

    Alexander J. Neal I’m a physics graduate student at Ball State University. I graduated from BSU in December 2018 with a BS in physics and a minor in chemistry. I’m from Muncie and graduated from Burris Laboratory School in 2014. Research Interests I’ve worked in the Berrington Variable Star research group since August 2017. The […]

  • Robert Berrington

    I am an associate professor of Physics and Astronomy at Ball State University.  I have taught a number of Astronomy courses for the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Ball State University.  Courses that I have taught include but are not limited to ASTR 100–Introduction to Astronomy, ASTR 120–The Sun, and Stars, ASTR 122–Galaxies and […]