• Kyle Koeller

    I am a Physics Graduate Student here at Ball State University and am currently scheduled to graduate in May of 2023. I have worked in the Berrington Research group since January 2018 and have completed the star NSVS 896797 and NSVS 254037 and have papers ready for peer review before publication. I am also currently […]

  • Tyler Redfern

    Mr. Tyler Redfern is an undergraduate physics major in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Currently he is actively researching a number of systems. Those systems include: On a personal side, Tyler has a strong interest in the sport of soccer.

  • Alec Neal

    Alexander J. Neal I’m a physics graduate student at Ball State University. I graduated from BSU in December 2018 with a BS in physics and a minor in chemistry. I’m from Muncie and graduated from Burris Laboratory School in 2014. Research Interests I’ve worked in the Berrington Variable Star research group since August 2017. The […]

  • Robert Berrington

    I am an associate professor of Physics and Astronomy at Ball State University.  I have taught a number of Astronomy courses for the Department of Physics & Astronomy at Ball State University.  Courses that I have taught include but are not limited to ASTR 100–Introduction to Astronomy, ASTR 120–The Sun, and Stars, ASTR 122–Galaxies and […]