• Alan A. Gavel

    Presently, I am an Adjunct Instructor of Physics at Chattahoochee Technical College in Marietta, Georgia. In the spring of 2018, I fulfilled the requirements necessary to receive a Master of Science in Physics from Ball State University (BSU). While at BSU, I began my research on eclipsing binary stars under the supervision of Dr. Robert […]

  • Nate Sparrow

    I am currently a senior undergraduate student at Ball State University, majoring in physics and minoring in astrophysics. I currently represent the physics department on the student advisory council to the Dean, as well as tutoring for the department and working on several research projects. Research Interests Currently, I am working on two separate projects. […]

  • Dr. Thomas Jordan

    Dr. Thomas Jordan retired from the Department of the Physics and Astronomy in June 2016, and has been active in our research group working on a number of projects associated with the Variable star Research Group.

  • Alexander Thomas

    Alexander Thomas is an undergraduate currently double majoring in physics and astronomy at Ball State University. As a member of Berrington’s research group, he researches short-period variable star systems. More specifically, his research focuses on eclipsing binaries. When he’s not doing research or homework, he likes to collect musical instruments, watch TV, and spend time […]