Recent advancements in robotic telescopes has permitted the development of large-area surveys that cover large portions of the celestial sphere.  Large-area surveys like the All-Sky Automated Survey (ASAS) and the Northern Sky Variability Survey (NSVS) have changed the discovery of variable stars from the historically serendipitous discoveries to systematic searches.  With these systematic searches, large numbers of variable stars have been discovered to fainter magnitudes.  While these large-area surveys are good at discovering large-amplitude variable systems, the large number of newly discovered systems with the short periodicity and the observational cadence of the surveys makes the knowledge gained limited.
Our group targets these systems with short periods that have not been targeted by prior studies.  It is the goal of our group to provide a comprehensive systematic study of these systems that cannot be provided by the large-area surveys due to the observational cadence of the large area surveys (1-2 times a day).  Studies with high observational cadence like the ones provided by our group can develop a comprehensive picture of these systems and greatly enhance the knowledge gained.  The large-area surveys are very good at discovering large amplitude stellar variability, but our work complements these surveys by providing a comprehensive picture.

Objects Observed

The number of variable stars that our team has investigated is continually evolving, but to date the list of stars with light curves is given in Table 1.  If you are interested in becoming a member of an active and enthusiastic team of like-minded researchers, or would like further information regarding what we do and the recent results of individual objects can be found below, please feel free to contact me.
Table 1: Variable stars observed by the Berrington Research Group. Stars are sorted by type of variability. Table contains additional information on each star indicting sky position, observability, and orbital phase. Nota Bene (NB): Not all ephemerides may be correct, and will depend on observer location and time of observation.

Results of individual objects

Stars that we have targeted to date are listed above.  Recent results presented by our research group are listed below.  NB: all pages that follow are works in progress. We post results as we have them.  Links are to pages devoted to presenting the results of individual stellar systems.  Any poster presentations and papers that have resulted from the work are given at the bottom of each page.

  1. ASAS J061151-4519.7 [α=06:11:50.8, δ=-45:19:43, J2000.0] Researcher: Caleb Whitcomb
  2. NSVS 254037 [α=00:28:28.0, δ=+78:57:42.7, J2000.0] Researcher: Kyle KoellerIan Efsits
  3. NSVS 269017 [α=01:41:16.5, δ=+80:04:21.7, J2000.0] Researcher: Tyler Redfern, Austin Speedy
  4. NSVS 801195 [α=11:00:53.9, δ=+75:33:11.3, J2000.0] Researcher: Elijah Halliwell
  5. NSVS 896797 [α=13:27:50.5, δ=+75:39:45.4, J2000.0] Researcher: Kyle Koeller
  6. NSVS 1088506 [α=17:12:12.11 δ=+68:33:24.1, J2000.0] Researcher: Alexander Canner
  7. NSVS 2827877 [α=16:27:44.2, δ=+56:45:59.2, J2000.0] Researcher: Alexander Thomas
  8. NSVS 2854398 [α=16:42:15.8, δ=+66:07:03.5, J2000.0] Researcher: Alec Neal
  9. NSVS 2910034 [α=17:15:39.2, δ=+58:51:52.2, J2000.0] Researcher: Wes Tobin
  10. NSVS 3350218 [α=22:11:14.5, δ=+66:02:16.2, J2000.0] Researcher: Richard Gorby, Hanbit Lee
  11. NSVS 3792718 [α=00:50:46.7, δ=+41:50:15.4, J2000.0] Researcher: Alec Neal
  12. NSVS 3820264 [α=01:20:53.0 δ=+43:38:57.4, J2000.0] Researcher: Alexander Thomas
  13. NSVS 4161544 [α=03:26:38.9, δ=+42:43:24.8, J2000.0] Researcher: Tyler Redfern
  14. NSVS 4312042 [α=04:55:19.6, δ=+45:14:21.0, J2000.0] Researcher: Wes Tobin
  15. NSVS 5196635 [α=15:57:05.3, δ=+50:05:27.9, J2000.0] Researcher: Nate Sparrow
  16. NSVS 5214334 [α=16:15:06.0, δ=+44:58:21.7, J2000.0] Researcher: Alec Neal
  17. NSVS 6099331 [α=22:25:16.03 δ=+41:27:51.99, J2000.0] Researcher: Lauren Wines, Madeline Shepley
  18. NSVS 6103255 [α=22:29:35.20 δ=+37:57:31.44 , J2000.0] Researcher: Melanie Isenbarger