Our laboratory is housed on the third floor of the

Foundational Science Building (FB 356) 

It has an innovated ~ 500 sq. ft. wet lab space equipped with fume hood and unrestricted access to the adjacent 500 sq. ft. of laboratory space. The overall research space can safely accommodate up to 12 research investigators.

Panoramic view of the research laboratory:


The laboratory is configured to perform routine techniques in biochemistry and molecular biology, and is well equipped with the following: vertical electrophoresis systems (6X), horizontal electrophoresis systems (4X), water purification and deionizing system, freezers -20 °C (2x), refrigerators +4 °C (2x), an ultra-low -80 °C freezer, fume hood, AKTA pure (GE) FPLS system with fraction collector, shaking and standing incubators (New BrunswickTM), biosafety hood, water baths, microcentrifuges, single- and multi-channel pipettes, refrigerated microcentrifuge, vortexes, stir plates, pH meters, analytical balances, heating blocks, test-tube agitators, short and long wave UV lamps, rotary vacuum evaporator and gel dryer system, vacuum pumps, vacuum manifolds, and drying ovens.

Other readily available major instrumentation include:


1. UV-Vis spectrophotometer (UV-2600i, SHIMADZU) with temperature controller to perform UV-melting studies.






2. Biomolecular imager (Amersham Typhoon-5, Cytiva) with 5 different channels enabling imaging broad range of fluorescence probes.







3. Zetasizer (Dynamic Light Scattering spectrometer, Malvern) enabling to measure average hydrodynamic radii of nanoparticles.







4. Fluorometer (FluoroMax-3, Horiba) to measure fluorescence emissions in solutions.







5. Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS LTQ XL, Thermo Scientific) to separate and analyze solution of various oligonucleotide fragments.






6. High-Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC Vanquish TM, Thermo Scientific) for separation of oligonucleotides of various length and modifications.








7. Superspeed centrifuge (SORVAL LYNX 4000, Thermo Scientific) with wide range of rotors to perform separations based on centrifugal force.







We also have access to microscopy facility hosting:

Atomic Force Microscope (Keysight 5500 AFM)







Transmission Electron Microscope (Jeol Jem-1400 TEM)