Current Lab members:

Alex Thornburgh (B.S. candidate, Premedical preparation with concentration in Biochemistry), project: Fluorogenic RNA aptamers

Katelynn Pranger (B.S. candidate, Biochemistry concentration, Biology major), project: Binding Studies using SPR

Hannah Hayth (B.S. candidate, Chemistry and Anthropology major, Biology minor), project: Oligonucleotides bioconjugation       

Christopher Jackson (Senior, The Indiana Academy High School) project: Atomic Force Microscopy imaging 

Kayla Kuzdas (Junior, The Indiana Academy High School) project: In vitro transcription of modified RNA strands


Past Lab members:

Graduate students:

Erwin Doe                        Fall 2022 – Sum 2023 M.S. (PhD Candidate at Purdue University)

Ross Brumett                 Fall 2020 – July 2022 M.S. (Scientist at Eli Lilly and Co)

Jordan L. Hartung        Fall 2018 – Fall 2019 transferred to M.S. program in anesthesiology  (Anesthesiologist Assistant)

Victoria Goldsworthy  Fall 2016 – Sum 2018 M.S (Science Teacher at Alexandria-Monroe High School)

My N. Bui                          Spr 2015 – Fall 2016 M.S. (Scientist at KBI Biopharma)

Heather A. Ramey       Sum 2016 – Fall 2016 M.A.           

Undergraduate students and High School researchers:

Megan Teter               Sum 2022   –  Spr 2023 (BSU gymnastics team leader)             

Allison Dittmer         Spr 2021   –   Sum 2022 (Biologist at Eli Lilly and Co.)

Abby Coffman           Spr 2022   –   Spr 2023 (pursuing B.S. at University of New Mexico) 

Andrew Pilat              Spr 2020   –   Fall 2020 (pursuing B.S. at Kenyon College)

Rachel Fitzgerald      Spr 2019  –  Spring 2020

Joseph Cooper          Sum 2019  –  Fall 2020 (M.D. student at IU)

Alex Contreras          Sum 2019  –  Spr 2021 (LSAMP, Ph.D. student at Vanderbilt)

Trinity Jakson           Fall 2018   –   Fall 2019 (Q.A. at Ingredion)

Jake Durbin               Sum 2018  –   Sum 2019

Dayle Matheny         Fall 2018   –   Spring 2019 (Researcher at UM)

Nathan McCann       Fall 2017   –   Sum 2019 (Honor Thesis, PhD candidate at University of Notre Dame)

Julia Niekamp           Sum 2018 (Associate Biologist at Eli Lilly and Company)

Amber Diggs             Sum 2018 (LSAMP, Medical Laboratory Scientist at MiraVista)

Britney Jones            Spr 2018 (Chemist-Oligosynthesis at Eli Lilly and Co)

Geneva LaForce       Sum 2017 – Spring 2018 (Honor Thesis, Associate Scientific Editor at iScience by Cell Press)

Kheiria Benkato        Sum 2016 – Spring 2018 (M.S. candidate at Johns Hopkins)

Ben O’Brien               Sum 2016 – Spring 2018 (Honor Thesis, Forensic DNA Analyst at Bode Technology)

Dayna Arnett            Sum 2016 (Thriving Families Coordinator, SC DSS)

Courtney Oakes        Spr 2018 – Sum 2016 (REU program)

Seth G. Abels             Sum 2015 – Sum 2016 (MBA candidate, University of Missouri)      

Garrett A. Drinnon   Sum 2015 – Fall 2015 (Production Engineer, Fractionation System Owner at CSL Behring)

My H. Bui                    Fall 2014 (Medical Laboratory Scientist at Duke)