Welcome to the APEx Lab Website!

The Antisociality, Psychopathy, and Externalizing (APEx) Lab hopes to gain a better understanding of violent behavior, psychopathy, and maladaptive personality traits.


Contrary to how it is used in everyday language, antisociality in clinical psychology refers to thoughts and beliefs that are anti-society. Examples of antisocial behavior include dismissing authority figures, engaging in substance use, and engaging in actions that are against the law. Psychopathy refers to a cluster of maladaptive personality traits, which are traits that hinder one’s everyday functioning with both themselves and others. You may learn more about psychopathy here.

Current projects attempt to measure predictors and correlates of psychopathic personality traits.

On this website, you will be able to meet our team, learn more about current research projects and Ball State, and gain resources on applying to graduate school.

Dr. Johnson will be recruiting a new MA in Clinical Psychology or MA in Psychological Science student for the Fall 2024 admissions cycle. Interested applicants should list Dr. Johnson as a prospective advisor in their statement of purpose.

This lab webpage is currently under construction. However, for information about applying to work with Dr. Johnson, click here.