Dr. Johnson is accepting a graduate student for Fall 2024

Dr. Johnson supervises graduate students in the Clinical Psychology Master’s Program.

Read the information about the Clinical Psychology Master’s Program at Ball State University. If you believe the program is a good fit for your interests and aspirations, read the information about how to apply. If you are interested in having Dr. Johnson supervise your research, you should indicate this in the statement of purpose that you include in your application materials.

For more resources on applying to grad school overall, please visit this page.


Note for Prospective Applicants

Prospective applicants should read the following before emailing Dr. Johnson about applying to work with her.

Students, at times receive the advice that they should email prospective faculty to ask if they are accepting students. Please note that doing so does not increase your chances of being accepted. However, if prospective applicants have a substantive question that is not already addressed by information available on either Dr. Johnson’s website or the department website, then applicants should feel free to email with those questions.