Explore Campus

Ball State is a beautiful campus with many sights to see and places to visit. We’ve provided you with a non-exhaustive list of some of our favorite places on campus here!


David Owsley Museum of Art: A great art museum on campus with over 11,000 art installations to look at! Learn more about the
art museum here.


Environmental Education Center: An environmental center with numerous places to visit, including greenhouses, fields, woods,
and educational centers. Learn more about the environmental center here.


Emens Auditorium: An auditorium that plays live concerts, theatre, and comedy shows year-round! Learn more about the
auditorium and upcoming shows here.


Charles W. Brown Planetarium: A planetarium that provides shows and educational movies and tours. Learn more about the
planetarium and upcoming shows here.


Explore Muncie

We know just how hard it is to commit to a university without knowing the surrounding area and all there is to do there. There are many great places to visit in Muncie and its surrounding areas! We’ve provided a non-exhaustive list of places to go and things to do here to help you get to know Muncie a little more!


The Cardinal Greenway: A 65-mile-long trail that runs through Muncie and Marion – it’s the longest trail in Indiana! Learn more
about the trail here.


The Guardian Brewing Company: A brewing company in Muncie that provides both draft beer and pizza! Learn more about the
brewery here.


Twin Archer Brewpub: A pub that serves drinks and great American bar food! Learn more about the pub here.


Made in Muncie: A pottery shop in Muncie that provides pottery-making workshops as well as walk-ins to paint your own pieces
of pottery! Learn more about the pottery shop here.


The Cup: A cafe by campus that provides drinks, breakfast items, and pastries! Learn more about the cafe here.


Minnetrista Museum and Gardens: A gorgeous gathering place with trails, gardens, museums, and events open year-round! Hosts
events and exhibits such as the Bob Ross experience, farmers markets, and art galleries. Learn more about the museum
and gardens here.


Ron Lahody’s Trust your Butcher Steakhouse: A high-end restaurant serving steaks, pastas,  and burgers. Great for a special
occasion! Learn more about the steakhouse here.