• Pets

    • Abby

      Abby lives with Dr. Johnson and is the official lab of the Johnson lab. Her primary responsibility as the lab’s lab is to maintain high morale. She has little interest in studying psychopathy and prefers to spend her time chasing tennis balls or napping. As a native of Alabama, on Saturdays during football season you will find Abby wearing her Alabama bandana to show her support for the Crimson Tide.

    • Delilah, Australian Shepherd, wearing a purple and gold striped party hat


      Delilah lives with Olivia and is an Australian Shepherd. She is a great working buddy as long as you give her belly rugs the whole time. She is constantly getting into trouble with her little brother, Fionn, and loves celebrating her birthday. Not to mention, she is an expert cat wrangler and is known for being excellent quality control in the kitchen.

    • Fionn, Australian Shepherd, playing in the snow


      Fionn lives with Olivia and is an Australian Shepherd. As he’s only a puppy, he is a bundle of energy and keeps everyone on their toes especially his sister, Delilah. He loves helping in the garden but is still working on learning where the holes are supposed to go. Car rides and shredding paper are his favorite forms of entertainment.

    • Indy

      Indy lives with Kimberly and is a brown tabby cat. He was adopted by Kimberly right after she moved to Indiana, hence his name. He loves playing with shoelaces, meowing at birds, and sitting on top of the refrigerator. If he is not begging for treats, you can find him snuggled up and sleeping underneath a pile of blankets.

    • Callie

      Callie is a naughty cat that has lived with Molly since she was in elementary school and is currently waiting anxiously for Molly to return home for the summer. When she isn’t sleeping, she is running the house – meowing orders at her loyal subjects. Her owners and guests can only see her when she chooses. Callie is a sweetheart who likes cuddling (sometimes). She also likes playing with hair ties and trying to sneak drinks from places she shouldn’t. Like her owner, she prefers to spend time alone and enjoys the calm of quiet spaces.