Peer-Reviewed Publications

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Conference Presentations

+ denotes undergraduate student
*  denotes graduate student
Bolding of names denotes author is a current or previous APEx lab member

*Assar, A., Delawalla, C. N., Goggins, M. K., Bray, K., Sander, J. B., Johnson, A. K., & Lee., T. T. C. (2022, June). MMPI-A-RF predictors of strengths among adolescents in a residential treatment setting [Paper presentation]. The 57th Annual Symposium on Recent MMPI Research, Minneapolis, MN.
Goggins, M. K., Delawalla, C. N., *Assar, A., Johnson, A. K., Sander, J. B., & Lee, T. T. C. (2022, June). Therapeutic alliance and MMPI-A-RF [Paper presentation]. The 57th Annual Symposium on Recent MMPI Research, Minneapolis, MN.