Team: Graduate Assistants

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  • Mattea Parker, B.S.

    Mattea is interested in exploring pathways to risk within the context of externalizing psychopathology in youth and families. With a particular focus on specific child-rearing environments, such as those characterized by poverty, parent-child relationships, intergenerational trauma, and early exposure to trauma, Mattea seeks to understand how these factors influence and potentially modify the quality of […]

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  • Deemah Alturkait, B.S.

    Deemah Alturkait is a second-year graduate student in the Clinical Psychology M.A. program. She received her B.S. in Psychological Sciences and minor in Human Development and Family Studies from Purdue University. Deemah is interested in studying childhood trauma, empathy, personality, and externalizing behavior. She is especially interested in how environmental and cultural influences shape externalizing […]

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