• Graduate Research Assistants

    Graduate Research Assistants are students in the BSU Clinical Psychology Master’s Program that work with Dr. Lee to conceptualize and execute P2 Lab research projects.

    • Yasmine Griffin, BS

      Yasmine Griffin (she/her) is a second-year master’s student in the Clinical Psychology program at Ball State University. During her time at Ball State, Yasmine has refined her research interests in externalizing behaviors and in the assessment and evaluation of adolescents. Her research interests are exemplified in the projects she has conducted. Specifically, this past summer, Yasmine presented a brief talk about the Triarchic Constructs of Psychopathy and Behavioral Deviance at the MMPI Symposium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This project is in the process of being turned into a manuscript. In April 2023, Yasmine will present a project regarding the validity of the Ideas of Persecution Scale (RC6) of the MMPI-A-RF at the Society of Personality Assessment Convention. She is also working on her research thesis, which investigates the differential predictive validity of the MMPI-A-RF in regards to adolescent development.  

      Currently, Yasmine is a Graduate Research Assistant in the P2 lab. As a Graduate Research Assistant in the P2 Lab. Yasmine works under the supervision of Dr. Tayla Lee as the Lab Manager of the P2 Lab, where she is developing skills in data management and project conceptualization. Yasmine manages undergraduate assistants as they collect data in collaboration with the Youth Opportunity Center. She also leads didactic groups with the undergraduate lab assistants about various topics relevant to the lab. 

      Yasmine will be applying to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs, as she would like to pursue a career conducting applied research in a forensic or clinical setting. 

      In her spare time, Yasmine enjoys watching psychological thrillers, reading, and like music. 


  • Undergraduate Research Assistants

    Undergraduate Research Assistants are BSU undergraduate students that work with Dr. Lee to execute P2 Lab research projects.

    • Molly Armstrong

      Molly Armstrong (she/her) is a Senior Psychology major at Ball State University with minors in International Studies and Psychology of Human Development. Molly is an active member of the Ball State Honors College. In 2021, Molly was named a Ball State University Top 100 Student for her academic excellence, leadership ability, and community involvement. Molly has been a research assistant in the Personality and Psychopathology (P2) Lab for two years and has gained valuable experience in collecting data, using SPSS, and collaborating on projects. This year, Molly will be working with members of the P2 Lab to code data for projects conducted in collaboration with the Youth Opportunity Center (YOC). Additionally, with supervision from Dr. Lee, Molly will be using some of the data collected for an independent project examining whether scale scores from the MMPI-A-RF can assess symptoms and experiences associated with Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD). Outside of the P2 lab, Molly also serves as a research assistant in the Antisociality, Psychopathy, and Externalizing Behavior (APEx) Lab, where she is working on her Undergraduate Honors thesis under the mentorship of Dr. Alexandria Johnson. Finally, Molly is also employed as a Youth Support Specialist at the YOC. In this role, she works with underserved adolescents who experience mental health issues and demonstrate a need for intensive, individualized treatment. Molly works with a team to handle crisis situations and help the youth gain the social, emotional, and behavioral skills they will need upon their return to the community.

      Molly is applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs this fall. Her research interests include understanding youth experiencing Disruptive Behavior Disorders (DBD) and other externalizing behavior problems.

      Outside of her academic pursuits, Molly enjoys drawing, writing, going to the gym, and spending time with her pets.

    • Jasmyn Casillas

      Jasmyn Casillas (she/her) is a senior at Ball State University majoring in Psychology with minors in Criminal Justice and Criminology. As a research assistant for the P2 Lab, she is coding data for projects completed in tandem with the Youth Opportunity Center. In a pursuit to demonstrate her ability to care for people of all ages, Jasmyn has dedicated a year and a half working in multiple service settings, supporting and mentoring children, adolescents, and young adults. She is certified in CPR & First-Aid and Crisis Prevention & Intervention, but the ability to learn first-hand from her work experiences has been the most fruitful in her eyes.

      Jasmyn’s interests are in Forensic Psychology. After she earns her Bachelor’s degree, her next goal is to receive a Master’s in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in Forensic Psychology. Following this, Jasmyn wants to go even further and earn her PhD in Forensic Psychology so she can conduct assessments of individuals who are involved with the legal system.

      In her free time, Jasmyn enjoys playing video games, watching animated shows, going to conventions, and taking her odds at the 50/50 in Genshin. Jasmyn additionally is a part of and responsible for creating posters and marketing alike as the Public Relations for her college’s organization, Pokémon Trainer’s Union.

    • Emily Cronk

      Emily Cronk (she/her) is a senior Psychological Science major at Ball State University with minors in Interpersonal Relations, Psychology of Human Development, and Women’s & Gender Studies. She is also a member of the Clavia Chapter of Mortar Board Society at Ball State University, an honor society that recognizes achievement in leadership and service in senior undergraduates. This is her first semester working in the Personality and Psychopathology (P2) Lab and she is excited to be working on projects conducted in collaboration with Muncie’s Youth Opportunity Center. In addition to working with the P2 lab, Emily is in her second year working as a research assistant in Dr. Holtgraves’s Communication and Experimental Pragmatics Lab. In Dr. Holtgraves’s lab, she presented a study at the Ball State 2022 Student Symposium that used Twitter data to investigate how people react to miscommunication. Emily has previously been a teaching assistant for a Social Psychology class (PSYS 316) and is currently assisting Dr. James Rohrer in his Introduction to Psychological Science class (PSYS 100), where she is gaining experience in developing instructional materials and helping students that need additional academic support.

      Emily also recently completed her sixth consecutive summer being an Information Technology (IT) intern for Anderson Community Schools where she managed and repaired corporation technology. This past work experience greatly assisted Emily in the Communication and Experimental Pragmatics lab where she used software such as RStudio and Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) to collect and analyze psychological data. She plans to incorporate this experience into her research interests of adolescent/adult psychology and ethical technology-delivered mental health treatment. After graduation, Emily hopes to use her experience and knowledge acquired being an IT intern, a teaching assistant, and her time in both the P2 lab and the Communication and Experimental Pragmatics lab to continue her education in a Clinical Psychology Master’s Program.

      In her spare time, Emily enjoys playing video games (especially the Legend of Zelda series), making jewelry, creating art, reading webcomics, and spending time with friends and family.

    • Isabelle Friedt

      Isabelle (she/her) is a senior double-majoring in Psychology and Criminal Justice at Ball State University. As a part of her year in the P2 Lab, she is coding and sorting data for research projects affiliated with the Youth Opportunity Center. In addition to working in the lab, Isabelle is a teaching assistant for Professor Kim Taylor’s Introduction to Psychology class. Acting in this role has allowed her to mentor individuals being introduced to psychology as she grades their papers, leaves comments, and answers their questions about psychology and the course. Isabelle is enlisted in the Air National Guard as a Munitions Specialist, where she is responsible for handling, storing, transporting, arming, and disarming weapon systems to ensure the safety of all airmen and the success of the Air Force mission. She is excited to receive the experience and knowledge that all these opportunities have to offer as she continues to graduate school to pursue a career that combines her passions for psychology and military service.

      Outside of academics and work, Isabelle is very outgoing and enjoys traveling to new places, watching movies, and going out with friends.

    • Mary Jackson

      Mary-Ivory (Mary) Jackson (she/her) is a senior at Ball State University. She is pursuing a major in Psychology with minors in the Psychology of Human Development, Interpersonal Relations, and Applied Behavior Analysis. Over the past year, Mary has been a teaching assistant for a psychopathology class as well as an applied behavior analysis course. In this role, Mary assisted in planning the student’s learning experiences and grading assignments. Mary also has a long-standing involvement in psychology research and this is her third year working as a research assistant in the P2 lab. This year, she will be assisting with data coding for projects conducted in cooperation with the Youth Opportunity Center. After she graduates, Mary intends to get her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology, which she hopes will allow her to further explore her interests in the field and determine the best way to ultimately help those who are in need through her work.

      In her free time, Mary enjoys creating art, reading, taking care of her numerous house plants, crocheting, and playing with her dog.

    • Isabella Muddiman

      Isabella Muddiman (she/her) is a Senior Psychology major at Ball State University with minors in Criminal Justice and Criminology, as well as Spanish. This is her first semester as a research assistant with the P2 Lab, where she is excited to be coding data for projects conducted in collaboration with the Youth Opportunity Center in Muncie. She will also be working on a project examining cultural considerations that may be needed when interpreting MMPI scales. Isabella is ready to work and learn more about what it means to conduct research.

      Last semester, Isabella was an intern at the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute, in the Traffic Safety Department. She gained invaluable experience working in a professional office setting and taking over big projects, including making and editing the grant contracts for the 2023 fiscal year. Isabella has also had several part-time jobs during her time as a student, which have helped pay for her education. This semester, Isabella is hoping to attend a study abroad opportunity over spring break to Keele University in Great Britain for her Comparative Justice Systems course, which would allow her to learn more about their criminal justice system, in addition to experiencing a new country and culture.

      After graduating, Isabella is planning on joining the workforce, but ultimately plans to pursue graduate level education in either Forensic Psychology or Psychology and Law.

      In her free time, Isabella enjoys reading, watching movies, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends.

    • Ashyia Riley

      Ashyia Riley (she/her) is a senior at Ball State University studying Psychology. She has minors in Interpersonal Relations and Psychology of Human Development. This is her second year working with the P2 Lab, and she will be assisting with collecting data for the research projects conducted in collaboration with the Youth Opportunity Center. Ashyia is excited to obtain various research experiences that will better prepare her for graduate school. Outside of her work in the lab, Ashyia has begun contributing to the field in other ways. Specifically, Ashyia has interned at A Better Way Services where she provided indirect and direct care to clients as well as responded to crisis calls. She is currently employed at A Better Way Services as a Suicide Prevention Specialist helping those in need deescalate from crisis, bolster their coping mechanisms, and create safety plans. She applies these skills in person, but also on the telephone for those who call into the National Suicide Hotline. Additionally, Ashyia is currently a journal reviewer for Ball State’s undergraduate psychology journal, Psyche, where she edits submissions from her peers. After graduation, Ashyia plans on attending graduate school to pursue graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology. In the future, Ashyia would like to work as a clinician, serving individuals from systematically oppressed communities.

      In her free time, Ashyia enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her loved ones.