Ashyia Riley (she/her) is a senior at Ball State University studying Psychology. She has minors in Interpersonal Relations and Psychology of Human Development. This is her second year working with the P2 Lab, and she will be assisting with collecting data for the research projects conducted in collaboration with the Youth Opportunity Center. Ashyia is excited to obtain various research experiences that will better prepare her for graduate school. Outside of her work in the lab, Ashyia has begun contributing to the field in other ways. Specifically, Ashyia has interned at A Better Way Services where she provided indirect and direct care to clients as well as responded to crisis calls. She is currently employed at A Better Way Services as a Suicide Prevention Specialist helping those in need deescalate from crisis, bolster their coping mechanisms, and create safety plans. She applies these skills in person, but also on the telephone for those who call into the National Suicide Hotline. Additionally, Ashyia is currently a journal reviewer for Ball State’s undergraduate psychology journal, Psyche, where she edits submissions from her peers. After graduation, Ashyia plans on attending graduate school to pursue graduate degrees in Clinical Psychology. In the future, Ashyia would like to work as a clinician, serving individuals from systematically oppressed communities.

In her free time, Ashyia enjoys reading, listening to music, and spending time with her loved ones.