Audrey Hasser (she/her) is a senior Psychological Science major with minors in Psychology of Human Development, Interpersonal Relations, and Applied Behavioral Analysis. This is her second year working in the P2 lab. Last year, Audrey administered data collection sessions to participants for the “Alcohol-Related Decision Making in College Students Who Frequently Drink” project as well as the “Predicting Risky Drinking: Is Demoralization Running Up the Tab?” project. This semester she is very excited to be joining the YOC projects. After graduation, Audrey hopes to pursue a Master’s degree and PhD in Counseling Psychology and wishes to work with vulnerable and underserved populations–specifically, at-risk youth or incarcerated juveniles. Her research interests include risk-taking behaviors, impulsivity, trauma, and resiliency. Outside of the lab, Audrey works at a residential treatment facility as a Youth Support Specialist and volunteers setting up programs serving international students on campus. In her free time, Audrey loves to hike, try new foods, and work on her various craft projects.