Colette Delawalla (she/her) is a second-year dual master’s student in the Clinical Psychology and Quantitative Psychology programs at Ball State University. Broadly, she is interested in investigating impulsivity and disinhibition as a transdiagnostic dimension of psychopathology. Colette graduated with highest distinction from Indiana University, Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. There she worked in Dr. Melissa Cyders’ Risk-Taking, Impulsivity, Substance Use and Cognition (RISC) Lab. Under Dr. Cyder’s supervision, Colette completed her senior thesis assessing the discrepant reporting patterns of parent and youth in families involved in the juvenile justice system as well as families within the community. 

Currently, Colette works as a Graduate Research Assistant in the P2 Lab under the supervision of Dr. Tayla Lee. Colette manages the day to day operation of the lab and oversees data collection on community based projects investigating predicting treatment engagement and outcomes for adolescents involved in residential treatment and the cultural fairness of commonly used assessment instruments. Colette is also collecting data for her thesis, “Positive and Negative Urgency: To Lump or to Split? An Investigation into Affect Specific Impulsive Behavior.” While at Ball State, Colette has completed several other research projects, including using the MMPI-3 to better predict different patterns of risky drinking in college students, the development and validation of a measure of daily impulsive action, and the role of urgency in internalizing problems. Colette is applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs and would ultimately like to pursue an academic career. 

In her spare time, Colette enjoys long walks, discovering good restaurants with her partner, gardening, snuggling with her senior rescue dog, and painting.