Emily Seward (she/her) is a junior at Ball State with a major in Psychology and a minor in Interpersonal Relationships. This is Emily’s first year working in the lab, where she will be assisting Nick Mundell with his thesis, “Predicting Risky Drinking: Is Demoralization Running Up the Tab?,” which examines the role of demoralization in predicting risky drinking among college students. She joined the P2 lab in hopes of gaining hands-on experience and skills that will benefit her inside and outside of a career, as well as to make new friends! In the future, she plans to earn a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and provide teenagers and young adults with mental health services. 

Emily is also a teaching assistant for Dr. John Wallace for his Personality Psychology course. Emily is hoping to take classes in her other lines of interest soon, including sociology and social work. Outside of academics and in what free time she has, Emily enjoys photography, hammocking, listening to her vinyl records, and spending time with her friends.