Isabella Capoun (She/Her) is a Junior Psychological Science major at Ball State University with a minor in Counseling Psychology. This is her first year in the Personality and Psychopathology (P2) Lab and she is ecstatic to be collaborating with the Youth Opportunity Center in Muncie. As a research assistant in the P2 Lab, she assists in data collection, such as coding data from assessment records. Isabella  has also been working as a math tutor for the past year at Ball State University and helps other students develop a better understanding of mathematics.

Isabella’s interests are in Counseling Psychology. She plans on obtaining a Master’s in Counseling Psychology after she graduates with her Bachelor’s in Psychological Science. After achieving her master’s, she would like to work towards getting her PhD in Counseling Psychology and hopes to become a licensed psychologist, serving those who struggle with internalizing difficulties such as anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. She has specific research interests in disordered eating among youth populations as well as research on substance use problems.

In her free time, Isabella partakes in video games, painting, makeup, and rocking out at concerts.