Jake Brown (he/him) is a senior Psychological Science major with a minor in Philosophy. This is his second year in the P2 lab. Last year, Jake conducted semi-structured phone interviews for the Moderators Project. This year, he will be conducting record reviews at Muncie’s Youth Opportunity Center as a part of the P2 labs work there. After graduation, Jake intends to pursue a Master’s degree and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. He hopes to have a career in research. His research interests include dimensional models of personality and psychopathology, psychological assessment, as well as the validity of the DSM-5. Outside of the P2 Lab, Jake has spent time as a Teaching Assistant for Introduction to Psychology as well as Personality Theory. He has spent two summers working in various mental health facilities in Muncie, IN and currently works for the Ball State Learning Center as a Supplemental Instructor for Introduction to Psychology.


Outside of his academics, Jake enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with his dog.