Kyle Pittman (He/Him) is currently a Junior in the Honors program at Ball State University pursuing a major in Psychological Science and a minor in Criminal Justice and Criminology. This is Kyle’s first year working in the P2 lab. He will be assisting Colette Delawalla with her thesis examining emotionally-driven impulsive behavior. Kyle is currently undecided about what career he wants to pursue after graduating.  However, he is interested in a career in either applied behavior analysis and modification or detective work. Kyle hopes that by working in the P2 lab he will start to have a clearer understanding of what he wants to do for his career. Aside from school and the P2 lab, Kyle works at the JoAnn Gora Student Recreation Center.


When he is not working or studying, Kyle enjoys playing sports. His favorites include volleyball, soccer, and pickleball. Kyle also loves to watch movies and play board games with his friends and family.