Meghan Kirkpatrick (she/her) is a senior at Ball State University. She is majoring in Psychological Science with minors in Counseling and Speech Language Pathology. As a first-year member of the P2 Lab, her responsibilities include coding data from clinical assessments for projects conducted in collaboration with the lab’s community partner, the Youth Opportunity Center. This lab experience will help set Meghan up for graduate school by helping her to continue building her research skills and knowledge of personality and psychopathology. Meghan is hoping to obtain a master’s degree in Counseling so she can become a therapist in a private practice. Meghan is thrilled to be in this lab because of its emphasis on advocacy, which is something she is passionate about. Meghan is currently working on her senior thesis. This project will evaluate the reliability and validity of a popular personality test, the Enneagram, and examine its potential impacts and applications.

When she’s not at the lab or in class, Meghan can be found reading, baking, rewatching a comfort show with a friend, or making a playlist on Spotify.