Molly Armstrong (she/her) is a junior Psychology Major with minors in International Studies and Psychology of Human Development. This will be her first year working in the P2 lab. Molly feels honored and excited to be able to work with Colette Delawalla on her thesis examining emotionally-driven impulsive behavior. Molly joined the P2 lab to familiarize herself with the research process, to be part of interesting discussions, and to meet some unforgettable people.


Outside of the lab, Molly is employed at the Ball State Psychoeducational Diagnostic Intervention Clinic. She also is employed at the Ball State Recreation Center where she teaches swim lessons to children ages 3-8. Additionally, Molly spends time volunteering at Teddy Bear Day Care, where she creates age-appropriate virtual lessons focusing on identifying and expressing emotions  and teaches children ages 6-10 methods of coping with intense emotions. Molly is also a part of the Honors College and leads her freshman class as their Honors Peer Mentor. Outside of these academic responsibilities, Molly likes to read, write, draw, go to the gym, and play video games.