Mona Goggins (she/her) graduated magna cum laude from Ball State with her Bachelors of Science in Psychological Science and Applied Behavior Analysis in July of 2021. However, she loved the P2 lab so much she came back for a post-baccalaureate position. This year, her role is to assist with data coding at the Youth Opportunity Center (YOC). Specifically, she has a paid position to  manage the coding of treatment monitoring data. While this data has a role in on-going projects in the P2 lab, Mona will be using them to conduct an independent project investigating the prediction of treatment alliance using scales from the MMPI-A-RF, a widely used measure of personality and psychopathology. Through her previous professional and personal experiences in the field of psychology, Mona has developed a passion for meeting children and adolescents impacted by psychopathology where they are. Examples of this passion include trauma-informed care as well as understanding different aspects of psychopathology and personality and how they impact the way students engage in their natural environments. With these interests as her guide, Mona plans to complete a doctoral program in School Psychology. When Mona is not working in the lab, she is a school-based life skills specialist for a local behavioral health care facility. In this role, she teaches students different coping mechanisms and acts as a case manager. 

In her free time, Mona enjoys hanging out with friends, hiking, napping, traveling, being spontaneous, and spending time with her two nephews. Mona also enjoys running and will never turn down an opportunity to go out for ice cream.