Yasmine Griffin (she/her) is a second-year master’s student in the Clinical Psychology program at Ball State University. During her time at Ball State, Yasmine has refined her research interests in externalizing behaviors and in the assessment and evaluation of adolescents. Her research interests are exemplified in the projects she has conducted. Specifically, this past summer, Yasmine presented a brief talk about the Triarchic Constructs of Psychopathy and Behavioral Deviance at the MMPI Symposium in Minneapolis, Minnesota. This project is in the process of being turned into a manuscript. In April 2023, Yasmine will present a project regarding the validity of the Ideas of Persecution Scale (RC6) of the MMPI-A-RF at the Society of Personality Assessment Convention. She is also working on her research thesis, which investigates the differential predictive validity of the MMPI-A-RF in regards to adolescent development.  

Currently, Yasmine is a Graduate Research Assistant in the P2 lab. As a Graduate Research Assistant in the P2 Lab. Yasmine works under the supervision of Dr. Tayla Lee as the Lab Manager of the P2 Lab, where she is developing skills in data management and project conceptualization. Yasmine manages undergraduate assistants as they collect data in collaboration with the Youth Opportunity Center. She also leads didactic groups with the undergraduate lab assistants about various topics relevant to the lab. 

Yasmine will be applying to Clinical Psychology Ph.D. programs, as she would like to pursue a career conducting applied research in a forensic or clinical setting. 

In her spare time, Yasmine enjoys watching psychological thrillers, reading, and like music.